METIS Labs specializes in radioligand binding assays, receptor occupancy determinations, autoradiography, ADME-PK, small animal imaging, custom radiolabeling & synthesis — and all other aspects of R&D radiotracer services.

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Radiometric Assays

Radiometric detection remains the gold standard for many applications. METIS Labs has extensive experience using standard assays and developing custom assays for autoradiography, radioligand binding assays, receptor occupancy determinations, functional assays, drug target profiling.

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Custom Radiolabeling

METIS Labs can provide you custom radiolabeling and custom radiosynthesis of your small molecules, peptides, and proteins. METIS Labs’ will confidentially advise you on the appropriate labeling technique. High specific activity and retention of the molecular structure is essential for the success of radiometric assays.

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Product Catalog

METIS Labs’ product catalog includes radiochemcials of novel and exclusive compounds. Our radiometric reagents are made fresh upon request to guaranty highest purity possible. We also offer custom radiosynthesis (14C, 3H & 125I).

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