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METIS Labs Acquired by L2P Research – 2.1.20

L2P Research LLC, a leading preclinical CRO, today announced that it had completed its acquisition of METIS Research Laboratories headquartered in Ronkonkoma, New York. The Acquisition adds to L2P’s network 5,000 square-foot GLP compliant facility which is focused on providing Radiometric Assays, Preclinical Toxicology and Whole Body Autoradiography (QWBA) for innovators of advanced biotherapeutics.

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METIS Labs has moved – SUMMER 2018

METIS has moved to a larger and more modern facility, still within the Greater New York Metropolitan Area.   We are conveniently located next to the Ronkonkoma train station, a regional hub of the Long Island Rail Road, and across the street from the Islip/MacArthur airport.  We are just seconds away from Exit 60 of the Interstate Route 495, the Long Island Expressway.

Click on this link for our location on Google Maps

Our new contact information is as follows:
      METIS Laboratories Inc
      2200 Smithtown Avenue
      Ronkonkoma, NY 11779-7329, USA
      Tel: +1-888-295-7550

New Binding Assays Added – 12.6.17

METIS Labs has added new binding assays for drug screening and development.

⦿ Adenosine Transporter
⦿ Endothelin ETA
⦿ Endothelin ETB
⦿ Bradykinin BK2
⦿ Cholecystokinin, CCKA (CCK1)
⦿ Cholecystokinin, CCKB (CCK2)
⦿ Corticotropin Releasing Factor (CRF)
⦿ Estrogen Receptor
⦿ GABA Transporter
⦿ Glutamate, AMPA

For more details see:  in vitro Binding Assays.

Radioactive Antibody Screening – 9.14.17

METIS Labs has added a new service for screening and development of Antibodies (Ab).

⦿ Ab Radiolabeling
⦿ Ab Saturation Binding Assays
⦿ Ab Competition Binding Assays
⦿ Ab Homologous Binding Assays

For more details see:  Antibody (Ab) Radiolabeling & Screening.

New Functional Assays Added – 9.8.17

METIS Labs has added new functional assays for drug development.

⦿ Adenosine A3
⦿ Adrenergic a2B
⦿ Adrenergic a2C
⦿ Chemokine CCR5
⦿ Muscarinic M1
⦿ Muscarinic M4
⦿ Sphingosine-1-Phosphate (S1PR1)

For more details see:  Functional Assays.

New Catalog Items – 3.26.17

METIS Labs has added new radioligands for your research.

⦿ [3H]Harmine
⦿ [3H]SB 258585
⦿ [3H]GNE-9605
⦿ [3H]BU99008
⦿ [3H]SIL26

For more details see:  Radiochemical Catalog.

New Catalog Items – 11.19.16

METIS Labs has added new radioligands for your research.

⦿ [3H]SB 674042
⦿ [3H]GBR 12935
⦿ [3H]GR 125743

For more details see:  Radiochemical Catalog.

METIS Labs Presenting at WMIC 2016 Congress, New York – 9.7.16

The World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC) is organized by the World Molecular Imaging Society (WMIS) and is led by senior academic and industry professionals who have widely recognized expertise in molecular imaging. The WMIC brings together thousands of people from across the entire molecular imaging field. Filled with dozens of powerful sessions and hundreds of abstracts, this event is full of new ideas, innovations, scientific research, industry exhibitors, and educational sessions.

New Catalog Items – 4.6.16

METIS Labs has added new radioligands for neurochemical reaseach.

⦿ [3H]A-836339
⦿ [3H]Allopregnanolone
⦿ [3H]N-Methylspiperone
⦿ [3H](S)-Citalopram
⦿ [3H]Tropisetron

For more details see:  Radiochemical Catalog.

New Web Calculators Added – 3.15.16

At METIS Labs we are committed to providing our customers with the tools they need to simplify and expedite their research.  A new Resources section containing calculators has been added to our website.

⦿ The new radioactivity calculator has been developed to help aid researchers with calculating specific activity, converting CPM to fmol/mg, CPM to sites/cell & CPM to nM.
⦿ Useful Molarity & Dilution calculators have also been added to prepare and dilute stock solutions.

For more details see:  Technical Resources.

New in vitro Pharmacology Assays – 1.29.16

METIS Labs continues to expand our in vitro pharmacology services adding 29 new assays this year that cover a broad range of targets including GPCRs, ion channels & transporters. These binding & functional assays are used for assessing compound potency and selectivity against a wide range of target classes.

⦿ 83 Binding Assays
⦿ 32 Functional Assays

For more details see:  in vitro Pharmacology Services.

New Service Offering: Proteomic Target Profiling – 11.9.15

You’ve invested a lot in your lead compound but do you know what other potential protein targets it interacts with?   METIS Labs can screen your radiolabeled compound against tens of thousands of proteins on a microarray chip.  Applications include:

⦿ small molecule profiling
⦿ antibody specificity profiling
⦿ protein-protein interaction profiling

We offer two options: (i.) the oldest, most used, and most widely validated  ProtoArray® by Invitrogen which contains nearly half of the entire human proteome on a single chip, and (ii.) the newer and more comprehensive HuProt™ by CDI that lets you screen about 85% of the human proteome in a single pass.  This is a high throughput methodology that allows you to validate your drug targets, discover new targets, and more.

For more details see:  METIS Profiling Services.

New product lines ! – Introducing our Radiochemical Catalog – 3.1.15

Check out our new line of specialty tritiated (3H) and iodinated (125I) radiochemicals.  Our catalog includes both novel and exclusive compounds for biomedical research and drug development.

See the new section of our website:  METIS Product Catalog

Meet us: Nov 2 – 6; AAPS Annual Meeting & Exposition, San Diego Convention Center – 9.21.14

We are attending the American Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences (AAPS) Annual Meeting in San Diego.  Visit us at booth #4130.

We are pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Louis Peña to the management team – 4.24.14

Dr. Louis Peña is joining METIS Laboratories as a general partner and member of the management team. In addition to his scientific and academic experience, he has served as a management consultant for growing technology companies in sectors ranging from energy, materials science, biomedical devices, and biotech.  He has helped bring to market products ranging from PET instrumentation to peptide therapeutics.

He states, “METIS Labs’ focus on radiotracer services occupies a specialized niche in the development of drugs, diagnostics, and therapeutics.  Our goal is to strengthen and expand this position by enhancing client relationships and by adding related services that adhere to our core focus.  We want to make it easier for clients to efficiently get the scientific answers they need with the highest senstivity that radioisotopes provides.”

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Novandi Chemistry AB – 3.7.14

Novandi Chemistry AB offers comprehensive carbon-14, tritium and stable isotope labeling services for drug candidates, with an emphasis on continuous quality control.  Novandi Chemistry AB also offers a general chemistry support for nuclear medicine applications such as PET, and consulting in isotope chemistry, radiation safety (beta radiation), radioligand development and radiopharmaceutical chemistry.  Novandi Chemistry AB also supplies of novel or “off-the-shelf” exclusive isotopically-labeled compounds for routine laboratory research.

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Newest Additions to the METIS Labs Scientific Team – 1.23.14

We are pleased to announce the addition of Drs. Louis Peña,  John Gatley,  Yasmin Hurd and  Onarae Rice to the METIS Labs team.  Each member brings diversified experience to METIS Labs in the fields of Cancer Biology, Radiobiology, Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry, Molecular Biology and Receptor Autoradiography.

Dr. Louis Peña received his Ph.D. from UCLA in Anatomy & Cell Biology in 1991 and received his M.B.A. Stony Brook University in 2013.  He is currently a Senior Scientist in Life, Environmental and Computational Sciences Division at Brookhaven National Laboratory, an adjunct professor of Biomedical Engineering at Stony Brook University and adjunct professor of Management at Dowling College, Co-Director of the Nuclear and RadioChemistry Summer School (NCSS).  Dr. Peña has significant research experience in radiation biology, molecular biology, neurobiology/neuro-oncology & radiotracer/PET probe development.

Dr. S. John Gatley received his Ph.D. from Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, U.K.  He currently holds the position of Professor and Director of Graduate Programs at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Northeastern University. Dr. Gatley previously held at Brookhaven National Lab the positions of Chair of the Medical Department and of Senior Scientist in the radiopharmaceutical development program. Major aspects of this work involved research in medical radionuclide imaging, radio-pharmaceutical chemistry, biochemical pharmacology of radiopharmaceuticals, as well as neurochemistry and neuropharmacology of drugs of abuse in humans as well as animal models ranging from primates (baboons) to rodents. Dr. Gatley’s work has included the design, synthesis and radiolabeling of candidate radiotracers for imaging receptors using positron emission tomography (PET) and single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT).

Dr. Yasmin Hurd received her Ph.D. from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden in Neuropsychopharmacology.  She currently holds the Chair in Translational Neuroscience and is Professor in the Departments of Psychiatry, Pharmacology and Systems Therapeutics, and Neuroscience at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. She also serves on the Executive Committee of the Friedman Brain Institute and as Chair of the Diversity in Biomedical Research Committee (DBRC).

Addition of small animal PET, SPECT & CT to our service offerings – 1.7.14

We are happy to announce the expansion of our service offerings to encompass small animal in vivo molecular imaging services.  Starting in the Spring of 2014, METIS Labs will offer small animal PET, SPECT and CT services.

Proud to be a sponsor at the 2013 Life Sciences Summit in Manhattan – 11.20.13

The Life Sciences Summit is dedicated to bringing emerging companies and innovators together with capital and industry in a setting that facilitates collaboration and networking.  The Summit’s robust program features Business Leaders, KOLs, Emerging Companies and Innovators – all with goals of accelerating the development of new therapies to address unmet medical needs.

Valley Stream Laboratory: New office and fully-equipped semi-automated lab space – 6.10.13

We are pleased to announce the expansion of our capacity with the addition of a new lab and office facility located in Valley Stream, NY.  This new location, conveniently located 15 minutes from John F. Kennedy (JFK) and Laguardia (LGA ) airports. It consists of fully-equipped, semi-automated laboratory space and includes standard and specialized research equipment and facilities, including a broad spectrum NYS-approved radiochemical laboratory and a dedicated vivarium. We will retain the Calverton, NY production laboratory but will move our office to Valley Stream with our own conference & telecommunications facilities.

Addition of AAALAC accredited vivarium (via SBU) – 1.27.13

Metis Labs is pleased to announce the addition of AAALAC-accreditation to our vivarium services via partnership with Stony Brook University (SBU).  The partnership provides METIS  with dedicated access to the SBU vivarium and its resources, including the Division of Laboratory Animal Resources (DLAR) and small animal imaging (PET/SPECT/CT) instrumentation.

Info on Division of Laboratory Animal Resources (DLAR) :

The SBU DLAR is AAALAC accredited and fully committed to the judicious and humane use of animals in research.  DLAR supports all SBU animal related research through the provision of laboratory animal management and veterinary medical care and assures institutional compliance with all federal, state and local regulations and policies. DLAR is responsible for animal procurement; animal husbandry; veterinary care including health surveillance, preventative medicine programs, animal quarantine, personnel training and special technical support; and maintenance of animal facilities and equipment.

We are pleased to announce our merger with InvivoPharm Inc. – 10.17.11

InvivoPharm is a preclinical contract research organization providing services in the area of radiochemical drug-receptor occupancy studies and autoradiography.  The addition of Dr. Andrew Gifford (CSO and co-founder of InvivoPharm) brings an experienced professional to the management and scientific team of METIS Laboratories.