Novandi Chemistry AB

To complement our radiolabeling and radiosynthesis services Novandi Chemistry AB provides extensive experience in de novo multi step synthesis and labeling of organic molecules with tritium (3H) and carbon-14 (14C) as well as a variety of stable isotopes.  Novandi’s organic chemists specialize in challenging synthesis projects.  Together we offer customers a wide variety of custom options at the most competitive prices with attention to quality control.  We jointly offer a catalog of novel or “off-the-shelf” radiochemical compounds for laboratory research — click here to view: Radiochemical Catalog .

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CDI Laboratories

CDI Laboratories’ mission is to empower R&D in proteomics with protein microarrays, making it possible to perform rapid and efficient analyses of thousands of protein interactions using minimal amounts of valuable samples.  Together, CDI and METIS offer profiling services to clients with the option of fluorescent or radioactively labeled compounds.  CDI has chips that cover much of the human proteome and others that cover viral and bacterial proteomes.  They also specialize in microarray-powered monoclonal antibodies and MAb-related services.  Click here to view our profiling service: Protein Microarray Screening Service.