Radioligand Binding Assays

Radioligand binding assays are used to characterize the binding of a drug to its target receptor. They can provide information on both the affinity and mode of interaction of the drug with its receptor.

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One way the immune system attacks foreign substances in the body is by making large numbers of antibodies. An antibody is a protein that sticks to a specific protein called an antigen. Antibodies circulate throughout the body until they find and attach to the antigen. Once attached, they can recruit other parts of the immune system to destroy the cells containing the antigen.

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Autoradiography can be used to determine anatomical distribution of binding sites of a radiolabeled drug (receptor distribution), receptor occupancy of a competing unlabeled drug given either in vitro or ex vivo & biodistribution of radiolabeled drug among the organs.

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in vitro Profiling & Screening Services

Specializing in both standard and custom in vitro assays, we are focused on providing the right assays for target identification & validation, assay development, screening, hit-to-lead validation to help identify candidate compounds for preclinical and clinical development.

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Custom Synthesis & Radiolabeling

METIS Labs can provide you custom radiolabeling and custom radiosynthesis of your small molecules, peptides, antibodies and proteins. METIS Labs’ will confidentially advise you on the appropriate labeling technique to ensure high specific activity and retention of the molecular structure which is essential for the success of radiometric assays.

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