METIS Labs can provide you custom radiolabeling and custom radiosynthesis of your small molecules, peptides, and proteins. METIS Labs’ will confidentially advise you on the appropriate labeling technique. High specific activity and retention of the molecular structure is essential for the success of radiometric assays such as:

We offer three different custom services

Analysis of products is performed using methods including LC-MS, HPLC-Radiochemical Flow, HPLC-UV, TLC Radioscan and NMR.

Custom synthesis is an important part of our business. Often we subsidize the cost of custom synthesis for potentially new catalog products. Many of our exclusive products in our radiochemical catalog have been derived from custom syntheses. Built upon years of experience in a top pharmaceutical company our organic chemists provide world class expertise and integrated solutions to accelerate your drug development programs.

Please contact us by email or by phone (888.295.7550) to discuss how METIS Labs can rapidly fulfill you radiolabeling needs.