[3H] Tritiation & [14C] Carbon Synthesis

METIS Labs can perform custom tritiation and carbon synthesis of small molecules for receptor binding, receptor occupancy and QWBA assays. The following techniques are available:

Tritiation – Bromine Compound

Small molecules containing a bromine compound can be labeled with tritium. The bromine atom on a phenyl ring can be substituted with tritium.

Tritiation – Unsaturated Compound

Small molecules containing a reducible double bond can be labeled with tritium

Tritiation – Ketone-containing Compound

Ketone-containing compounds can be labeled by using tritium to reduce the ketone to an alcohol.

Carbon Synthesis –

Our capabilities include O & N methylation using [14C] methyl iodide or cyanation using potassium [14C]cyanide. The resultant [14C]-labeled compound can be used for biodistribution or whole body autoradiography studies, but generally lack sufficient specific activity to be used for radioligand binding or receptor occupancy assays.