WAY 100635, [Methoxy-3H]-

Catalog>7TM>5HT>[3H]WAY 100635

Product Number: NML3H1009
Alternate Name: NA
Specific Activity: 60-87 Ci/mmol
2.2-3.2 TBq/mmol
CAS Number (Parent): 146714-97-8
Shipping Conditions: Shipped on dry ice
Storage Conditions: -20ºC, in ethanol

Information: Potent serotonin 5-HT1A receptor antagonist radioligand.

Other Information: Displays 100-fold selectivity for 5-HT1A over other 5-HT subtypes. Also exhibits agonist activity at dopamine D4 receptors.

Evaluation of [O-methyl-3H]WAY-100635 as an in vivo radioligand for 5-HT1A receptors in rat brain.
S. P. Hume, S. Ashworth, J. Opacka-Juffry, R. G. Ahier, A. A. Lammertsma, V. W. Pike, I. A. Cliffe, A. Fletcher and A. C. White. European Journal of Pharmacology 271 (2-3): 515–523. PMID: 7705452

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