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Proteomic Profiling   

METIS Labs can radiolabel your small molecule, antibody, or protein to screen for interactions with thousands of human proteins immobilized on microarray chips.  Profiling like this aids with drug target discovery and with target validation (confirm specificity, identify crossreactions). Two platforms are available: Invitrogen’s ProtoArray® and CDI’s HuProt™ array.

HuProt and ProtoArray categories

Radiolabeled samples interacting with immobilized proteins produce microscopic spots of varying intensity that we can detect with our digital imaging equipment.  The resulting images are processed and statistically analyzed with GenePix®-based software.  METIS Labs then produces a detailed report of the profiling experiment and results for the client.

METIS offers a choice of microarrays that allow clients to screen ~45% to ~85% of the entire human proteome in a high throughput methodology.  Invitrogen’s ProtoArray® is the most well known and widely used proteomic microarray.  CDI’s HuProt™ array is a newer and significantly larger array.  About 4,900 proteins are exactly the same on both products; the rest are either variants of the same gene/protein family or uniquely different.

Proteomic microarry chip layout and example
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HuProt proteomic profiling microarray chips

Ordering Information   

Speak with one of our scientists so that the right project can be designed for you.  A new project will require a minimum of 4 sets of chips (1 positive control, 3 test conditions); typically a project will include additional chips for an unlabeled “cold” competitor and/or replicates.  Telephone us at +1.888.295.7550 or click on the request quote button   

Invitrogen™ and ProtoArray® are registered trademarks of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.; HuProt™ is a registered trademark of CDI Laboratories Inc.  These are used with permission for informational purposes only and no endorsement by these companies is implied.

Hit-to-Lead & Lead Optimization

METIS Labs provides a selection of in vitro panel that allow our clients to evaluate any potential off-target liabilities for their drug candidates. Our panel provides access to the key targets that the pharmaceutical industry has historically evaluated for off-target liabilities using a variety of technologies depending upon the target(s) of interest. In addition, clients may run any assay individually or design a customized panel to meet the specific needs of their drug discovery program.

in vitro Panel
Ref#   Receptor   Radioligand   Reference Source
RBA047   Adenosine A1   [3H]DPCPX   DPCPX T & C
RBA091   Adenosine A2A   [3H]ZM-241385   NECA T & C
RBA051   Adrenergic a1   [3H]Prazosin   Prazosin T
RBA053   Adrenergic a2   [3H]RX 821002   RX 821002 T
RBA093   Adrenergic ß1   [125I]Pindolol   Alprenolol C
RBA092   Adrenergic ß3   [3H]CGP 12177   Alprenolol C
RBA085   Cholecystokinin CCK1 (CCKA)   [125I]CCK-8   L-364718 C
RBA086   Cholecystokinin CCK2 (CCKB)   [125I]CCK-8   Sincalide C
RBA013   Dopamine Transporter (DAT)   [3H]WIN 35428   WIN 35428
RBA014   Dopamine D1   [3H]SCH 23390   SCH 23390 T & C
RBA015   Dopamine D2   [3H]Raclopride   Haloperidol T
RBA083   Endothelin ETB   [125I]Endothelin-1   Endothelin-1 C
RBA018   GABAA/BZP   [3H]Flumazenil   Flumazenil T
RBA089   GABA Transporter   [3H]GABA   NO-711 T
RBA019   Glatamate NMDA   [3H]MK801   MK801 T
RBA065   Histamine H1 [3H]Pyrilamine   Chlorpheniramine C
RBA066   Histamine H2   [3H]APT   Tiotidine C
RBA033   Ion Channel Ca2+   [3H]Nitrendipine   Nifendipine T
RBA034   Ion Channel Na+ Site II   [3H]Batrachotoxinin   Veratridine T
RBA078   MAO-A   [3H]Harmine   Clorgyline T
RBA069   Muscarinic M1   [3H]QNB   Atropine C
RBA070   Muscarinic M2   [3H]QNB   Atropine T & C
RBA071   Muscarinic M3   [3H]QNB   Atropine C
RBA021  Opioid DOR (δ)   [125I]Deltorphin II   Naloxone C
RBA022   Opioid MOR (µ)   [3H]DAMGO   Naloxone C
RBA023   Opioid KOR (κ)   [3H]U69593   Naloxone C
RBA029   Orexin 1 (OX1)   [3H]SB674042   SB 334867 C
RBA030   Orexin 2 (OX2)   [3H]EMPA   EMPA C
RBA001   Serotonin 5-HT1A   [3H]WAY 100635   8-OH-DPAT C
RBA002   Serotonin 5-HT1B   [3H]AZ 10519369   Ergotamine T
RBA005   Serotonin 5-HT2A   [3H]MDL 100.907   Chlorpromazine  C
RBA038   Serotonin 5-HT2B   [3H]Mesulergine   SB 206553 C
RBA062   Vasopressin V1A   [3H]AVP   AVP C