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One of the oldest methods used for the evaluation of drug molecules, the “Gold Standard”, is radiometric analysis. This generally involves quantitation of radiation from either beta-emitting radioactive isotopes such as 14C, 3H, or 32P or gamma-emitting radioactive isotopes such as 125I. Radiometric analysis is one of the most precise, sensitive, and efficient detection methods and that is why we at METIS Labs employ radiometric assays.

Who We Are

METIS Labs is a preclinical Contract Research Organization (CRO) providing radiotracer services for pharma, biotech, and academic organizations. Our core expertise is in performing standard and custom radioligand binding assays, receptor occupancy assays, and autoradiography imaging in systems ranging from human cell cultures to primate tissues to live animals (rodents). We also provide custom radiolabeling and radiosynthesis, as well as a variety of related behavioral, cellular, and molecular services featuring proteomic profiling.


20+ Long Term Contracts

200+ Happy Clients

500+ Macro/Micro Autoradiography Assays

2,000+ Radioligand Binding Assays


For Contract Services: The best option is to place your inquiry through our online contact form. For Catalog Items: The best option is to place your inquiry through our online Catalog Contact form.

If it is the first time you're working with METIS Laboratories, we will prepare a Master Services Agreement (MSA) for your company and send it in an e-mail. This also serves as your confidentiality agreement (CDA).

Yes. We can use compounds listed on U.S. DEA Drug Schedules II, IIN, III, IIIN, IV, IVN, and V (click here for the full list).

The turnaround time indicated in the quotation typically starts the Monday following receipt of compounds and materials needed at our testing facility, unless otherwise specified with the client, and all necessary information to initiate to study (quotation acceptance, PO#, and all requested compound information). For Radioligand Binding Studies a complete data set is typically available within 15 days after receipt of compounds, materials, and all documents (unless otherwise specified). A final report is issued 5-10 days after completion. For Autoradiography (Receptor Occupancy & Receptor Distribution) studies, a complete data set is typically available within 30-35 days after receipt of compounds, materials, and all documents (unless otherwise specified). A final report is issued 7-14 days after completion.

Every client is assigned a dedicated Project Manager for their projects. The Project Manager serves as the main point of contact throughout the duration of the project. They will work with you to develop a project execution plan. They will provide continuous status updates and monitors the progress of each project to ensure timelines are being met.

To initiate a study, email your signed quotation with the purchase order number or email at SciSupport@metislabs.com with the Quote number in the subject line.

Compounds should be shipped as either a dry powder or 10 mM DMSO stock solution in a securely closed vial(s) and labeled. Sealed standard 96-well plates and other forms are also accepted but please inquire before shipping. Frozen samples should be shipped on Tuesdays with 6-10 kg of dry ice to ensure frozen arrival of samples to our testing facility.

To assist METIS Labs in efficiently processing shipment and initiation of testing prior to shipping please email the shipment tracking number, study number, and all forms to CustomerCare@metislabs.com.
Shipment of all compounds and/or test materials should be shipped to:
Metis Laboratories 2200 Smithtown Avenue Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
ATTN: Yianni
Phone#: (516) 993-7248
Study #: ML_00000

Included in the package should be a detailed summary of the contents and Compound or Test Material form. Once received at our testing facility an acknowledgment of shipment receipt will be emailed to you.

The final report will contain all data gathered during the course of the study. Click here for an Example final report.

Pricing and Fee Policies:

Price quotations are valid for up to sixty (60) days unless otherwise stated. Prices are subject to change without notice. An invoice to cover 50% of the work will be sent upon imitation of each phase or segment of the project, and a final invoice will be sent following submission of the final report. For optimization phases, quotes under $10,000 USD, Custom Radiosynthesis, Radiolabeling and Catalog items an invoice to cover the full amount will be sent upon initiation of project unless otherwise agreed upon.

Terms of Payment:

Payment terms are thirty (30) days from the date of invoice (NET30) unless otherwise stated. An interest charge of 1.5% per month (18% annual rate) will be added for plus 30 days late invoices.

Cancellation Fees:

A purchase order and full payment for partial billings is required where the client has requested initiation of a study and subsequently cancels the study. Initiation is defined as a signed contract, proposal, or quotation or the submission of a purchase order. In order to cover administrative costs, a charge of $150 USD is assessed at the time a study is canceled in addition to any work already completed or contract specific materials purchased for the project.

Controlled Substances and Hazardous Materials:

A minimum fee of $250 USD will be charged for each shipment of controlled substances received for testing. Pre-notification of all controlled substance shipments and appropriate documentation are required for regulatory compliance. Hazardous materials that cannot be returned or easily disposed of will incur an additional charge of at least $50 USD but will vary depending on the amount and type of disposal required. Please contact METIS Labs proper to shipping controlled substances or hazardous materials to the lab.

Shipping and Special Handling Fees:

Shipping samples obtained from a contract with METIS Labs to another facility or samples returned after testing will be conveyed via FedEx unless otherwise specified. A handling fee will be applied as follows:

Minimum Charge . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 10.00 + shipping cost Minimum Special Handling (e.g., radioactive) Fee . . . . .. . $ 25.00 + shipping cost


Protocols are issued upon request to clients who intend to submit samples to METIS Laboratories. A purchase order number must be submitted for requested protocols. All protocols that are issued and have not been used in testing within three (3) months from the day the protocol was sent will be billed. If samples are sent within a year of the original issue date, the amount billed will be credited to the final invoice. The protocol fee or $75 USD compensates for staff time in preparing and issuing protocols, however, billing for protocols is not a transfer of intellectual property or rights owned by Metis Laboratories.