Radiometric detection remains the gold standard for many applications. METIS Labs’ product catalog includes radiochemcials of novel and exclusive compounds. Our radiometric reagents are made fresh upon request to guaranty highest purity possible. We also offer custom radiosynthesis (14C, 3H & 125I).

We have been committed to providing the highest quality products for all of your radiometric needs, and remain committed today.

METIS Laboratories now offers a broad range of convenient Prepared Buffers in pre-filtered liquid formats & Assay Kits.

To learn more about our products or our services please contact us at, call us at +1.888.295.7550 or download our catalog (here).

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For research and investigational use only

Important: To receive radiochemicals please submit your Department of Health Radioactive Materials License to (or fax to: 516.825.5129, ATTN Rad Support) to ensure rapid receipt of your radiochemical order.