Cellular Uptake & Release Assays

Cell Proliferation and Cytotoxicity assays are commonly used in the drug discovery process to assess a compound’s ability to cause or block a biologic activity without having toxic effects on cells. Cytotoxicity assays are used in the study of tumor and viral cytolysis which can identify the precise and accurate quantification of cytotoxicity.

[3H] Thymidine Cell Proliferation Assays

[3H]-Thymidine Assays are used to calculate cell proliferation to directly measure its incorporation in DNA. Radioactive labeled hormones are used to trace metabolic pathways and maintains natural biological function.

Cr51 Cellular Cytotoxicity Assay

Chromium-51 (51Cr) Release Assays are used to determine the number of lymphocytes produced in response to infection or drug treatment.

Ion Flux Assays

Ion Flux Assays are used to directly access a functional change of ion channel activity. Radioactive isotopes are used to trace the cellular influx or efflux of specific ions, such as 22Na+, 45Ca2+ and 86Rb+, for the studies of Na+, Ca2+ and K+ channels, respectively. A commonly used assay is the 86Rb+ efflux for K+ channels or non-selective cation channels.