Equilibrium dialysis (EqD) is useful for binding studies with soluble targets and small molecules. In other binding assays, when a target is immobilized or part of membrane fragment the free ligand can be easily washed away, but this is not possible with soluble targets. However, if placed in a chamber with a dialysis membrane then bound versus free ligand can be distinguished when binding has reached equilibrium.

96-Well EqD Format

For higher throughput, we employ the 96-Well Equilibrium DIALYZER, a novel product for the simultaneous assay of up to 96 samples. Each well in this system has a separate membrane (MWCO of 5,000 or 10,000 Daltons) and thus eliminates the possibility of sample cross-contamination. Reproducibility is very high across the different wells of the Equilibrium DIALYZER and sample recovery is excellent. Wells are sealed with 8-cap strips. Thus a single row of wells or the entire plate can be used depending on the specifications of the experiment.