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METIS Labs is a preclinical Contract Research Organization (CRO) radiotracer services for pharma, biotech, and academic organizations. Our core expertise is in performing standard and custom radioligand binding assays, receptor occupancy assays, and autoradiography imaging in systems ranging from human cell cultures to primate tissues to live animals (rodents). We also provide custom radiolabeling and radiosynthesis, as well as a variety of related behavioral, cellular, and molecular services featuring proteomic profiling.

Experience and Trust Built for 12 Years

One of the oldest methods used for the evaluation of drug molecules, the “Gold Standard”, is radiometric analysis. This generally involves quantitation of radiation from either beta-emitting radioactive isotopes such as 14C, 3H, or 32P or gamma-emitting radioactive isotopes such as 125I. Radiometric analysis is one of the most precise, sensitive, and efficient detection methods and that is why we at METIS Labs employ radiometric assays.